A well-known online store called Homeshop18 sells a variety of electronics, including Samsung cell phones. You can find a detailed price list for Samsung mobile devices on Homeshop18 in this in-depth post. Discover the most recent Samsung mobile devices, their essential characteristics, and their associated costs in Indian Rupees (INR). If you're looking for a high-end flagship gadget or a budget-friendly smartphone, Homeshop18 has a wide selection of Samsung mobiles to meet your demands. Let's study Homeshop18's prices for Samsung smartphones and take a closer look at their Galexy.

Samsung Mobile Price List on Homeshop18:

  1. Samsung Galaxy M31 - Price: ₹14,999
  1. Samsung Galaxy M51 - Price: ₹22,999
  2. Samsung Galaxy A12 - Price: ₹10,499
  3. Samsung Galaxy A52 - Price: ₹26,499
  4. Samsung Galaxy F41 - Price: ₹14,499
  5. Samsung Galaxy A32 - Price: ₹20,999
  6. Samsung Galaxy M11 - Price: ₹8,999
  7. Samsung Galaxy M02s - Price: ₹8,499
  8. Samsung Galaxy A72 - Price: ₹34,999
  9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - Price: ₹1,05,999
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - Price: ₹1,04,999
  11. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - Price: ₹47,999
  12. Samsung Galaxy M42 5G - Price: ₹21,499
  13. Samsung Galaxy F62 - Price: ₹23,999
  14. Samsung Galaxy M02 - Price: ₹6,999

FAQs about Samsung Mobiles on Homeshop18:

Q1: Are the prices mentioned inclusive of taxes and shipping charges? A1: The prices mentioned in the Samsung mobile price list on Homeshop18 are exclusive of taxes and shipping charges. Make sure to check the final price during the checkout process, as additional charges may apply.

Q2: Can I find offers or discounts on Samsung mobiles on Homeshop18? A2: Yes, Homeshop18 frequently offers discounts, deals, and special promotions on Samsung mobile phones. Keep an eye out for ongoing offers on the website to get the best value for your money.

Q3: Are the Samsung mobiles on Homeshop18 brand new and genuine? A3: Homeshop18 ensures that all Samsung mobiles available on their platform are brand new and sourced directly from authorized distributors. You can rest assured that you are purchasing genuine Samsung products.

Q4: Can I avail of warranty services for Samsung mobiles purchased from Homeshop18? A4: Yes, Samsung mobiles purchased from Homeshop18 come with the manufacturer's warranty. You can reach out to Samsung's customer support or refer to the warranty card provided with the device for assistance.

Q5: Are there EMI options available for purchasing Samsung mobiles on Homeshop18? A5: Homeshop18 offers convenient EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) options for purchasing Samsung mobile phones. You can choose the desired EMI plan during the checkout process based on the available options.

Q6: Are the prices on Homeshop18 for Samsung mobiles subject to change? A6: Yes, prices for Samsung mobiles on Homeshop18 are subject to change based on various factors, including market conditions, availability, and promotions. It is recommended to check the current price on the website before making a purchase.

Q7: Can I return or exchange a Samsung mobile purchased from Homeshop18? A7: Homeshop18 has a return and exchange policy for its products, including Samsung mobile phones. Refer to the website's terms and conditions or contact customer support for more information regarding the return process.

Q8: Are there customer reviews available for Samsung mobiles on Homeshop18? A8: Homeshop18 provides customer reviews and ratings for Samsung mobile phones on their website. You can read the experiences and opinions of other customers to make an informed purchasing decision.

Q9: Does Homeshop18 offer free shipping for Samsung mobiles? A9: Homeshop18 may offer free shipping for Samsung mobile phones depending on ongoing promotions or specific products. Check the shipping details during the checkout process for more information.

Q10: Can I track the delivery of my Samsung mobile purchased from Homeshop18? A10: Yes, Homeshop18 provides order tracking facilities for Samsung mobiles. You will receive tracking details once your order is dispatched, allowing you to monitor the delivery status of your device.


Homeshop18 offers a wide array of Samsung mobile phones catering to various budgets and preferences. This detailed Samsung mobile price list serves as a valuable resource for those looking to explore the latest models and their corresponding prices. Whether you're seeking a budget-friendly smartphone or a feature-rich flagship device, Homeshop18 provides an extensive selection to choose from. Make sure to consider your requirements, read customer reviews, and take advantage of any ongoing offers to make an informed purchase decision. Happy shopping!